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I have an existing table with data in it.


I want to split the baz column out of the foobar_table table and create a new table called baz_table that contains it. After the operation is done I would have the following structure with each column containing the data it had before the operation started:



How can I do this with Liquibase?

P.S. Using Liquibase via the Grails Database Migration plugin. The grailsChange tag gives me hope, but lack of example documentation leave me wanting.


I wasn't aware of the sql that can be used in change sets. I found out about it in the example here and I think it is what I needed.

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As you already found out, you can run arbitary SQL queries as a part of changeset. I go over common caveats in my blog post.

So for your example:

  <createTable tableName="baz_table"/>
  <sql>insert into baz_table(baz) select baz from foobar</sql>
  <dropColumn tableName="foobar_table" columName="baz"/>
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