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I know that it is 4MB in Java 1.4.2. And according to:


The Miniumum on server-class-machines is 1/64th of the machine's physical memory. But what is the initial heap in Java6 on Machines with 1 CPU and/or less than 2GB Memory (non server-class machines)?



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According to Ergonomics in the 5.0 Java[tm] Virtual Machine, for non-server-class machines, the default values are the same as the default values for version 1.4.2 which are:

  • initial heap size of 4 Mbyte
  • maximum heap size of 64 Mbyte
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Based on the link you have provided:

On server-class machines running either VM (client or server) with the parallel garbage collector (-XX:+UseParallelGC)

the initial heap size and maximum heap size have changed

that means other settings are not changed and their default values are same as 1.4.2 for all other cases.

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