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What modules does node.js look for when it encounters var foo=require(../) ?

It would seem that it would look in the directory one UP from the current one, but what exactly would it look for and do?

Perhaps there is an analogy with include in C or import in Python?

I've been starting with node.js and reading http://nodejs.org/api/modules.html and came upon example code on github such as

var express = require('express')
  , tracker = require('../')

This code would seem to assign variable express contents of express module (file) whose path must be global after using npm to install express, that much seems understandable,although I understand there are two types of module installation, but that is another question.

But what contents are assigned to variable tracker?

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express does not have to be a globally-installed module, this require style usually loads it from the node_modules directory. My guess is that require('../') would look for a package.json in the directory above the current module's directory, though I have no idea under what circumstances it would find one there. –  lanzz Sep 27 '12 at 15:34
Checkout Folders as Modules for require('../'), Loading from node_modules Folders for require('express'), and npm's folders(1) for "I understand there are two types of module installation." –  Jonathan Lonowski Sep 27 '12 at 16:08

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This depends on WHAT is in that directory.

If X begins with './' or '/' or '../':



  1. If X is a file, load X as JavaScript text. STOP
  2. If X.js is a file, load X.js as JavaScript text. STOP
  3. If X.node is a file, load X.node as binary addon. STOP


  1. If X/package.json is a file,
    a. Parse X/package.json, and look for "main" field.
    b. let M = X + (json main field)
    c. LOAD_AS_FILE(M)
  2. If X/index.js is a file, load X/index.js as JavaScript text. STOP
  3. If X/index.node is a file, load X/index.node as binary addon. STOP
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