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Hi i am using a dojo tree menu in my application. I am using onClick event to expand a particular tree node. I want instead that whenever i hover my mouse over the plus image it should expand the contents of that node just by hovering over of the mouse over it. Here is the code -

var treeControl = new dijit.Tree({
        model: xyz,
        id: 'abc',
        showRoot: false,
        openOnClick: true,

How can i do it ? Can anyone please help?

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Use dojo/on event delegation:

// dependencies:
// var on = require("dojo/on");
// var mouse = require("dojo/mouse");
// var registry = require("dijit/registry");

on(tree.domNode, on.selector("img.dijitTreeExpandoClosed", mouse.enter), function(event) {
    var treeNode = registry.getEnclosingWidget(;

See it in action at jsFiddle:

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