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I am trying to run a stepwise regression in R with 600 odd variables contained as the column name from the header of a .csv file.

How do i use the column name as variables in a regression equation?

I am very new to this and my limited understanding it that i can save the column as a list and use it for running a glm eg

model.1 <- glm(x~ paste(list), family= poisson, link = logit).

Any help is highly appreciated. thanks in advance

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Maybe you don't have to but use ~. instead as in: lm(mpg~., data=mtcars) – Tyler Rinker Sep 27 '12 at 15:54
When you read the file into R with option header=TRUE, the column names are the variable names. – Patrick Li Sep 27 '12 at 16:02
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If you have read your data in correctly (e.g. with header=TRUE as specified in the comments above), you should end up with a 600+-column data frame (1 column for the x response, and a column for each predictor variable): I will call this mydata for now. In that case as @TylerRinker suggests you could just include all the predictors: glm(x~.,data=mydata,family=poisson) (the logit link is the default link; if you want to specify it explicitly you can say glm(x~.,data=mydata,family=poisson(link="logit")). You could then use step, or stepAIC from the MASS package.

However, I have to add that unless you know what you're doing, stepwise regression on 600 variables is a really, really, really BAD idea from a statistical point of view (Google something like "stepwise regression problems" or "stepwise regression Harrell"). I would strongly encourage you to take a look at something like the glmnet package, which takes a more sensible approach to modeling with lots of predictors.

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thanks @Tyler, @Patrick! @ Ben ! thanks for additional suggestions, as you rightly pointed out that stepwise wont to a good idea. I have explored glmnet package and it looks very promising for my work. – Arihant Oct 1 '12 at 13:04

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