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I need to display one progress bar for each person in a dictionary of person-time pairs. The TableLayoutPanel seems a good bet for a container for my list of progress bars. Is it suitable, or what should I rather look at?

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Depends on how many 'person-time' pairs you have. Full ProgressBars I imaging will be fairly expensive if you have hundreds or thousands. You could overide the DataGridViewCell/Column and create a DataGridViewProgressCell/Column, this would be a lightweight solution, that also looks good...


If this is what you after I will post you some code. Otherwise, I would do as you have suggested, use a TableLayoutPanel seems a good-a-choice as any.

I hope this helps.

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It's only about 10 bars, so maybe the grid is overkill for now. This is a very urgent project, so simplest is best, and that will probably be the TableLayoutPanel. Thanks! –  ProfK Sep 27 '12 at 17:26

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