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Below is my problem, i want to set the text of a textbox to be the filename of the WizFile object where the type equals exhibitors...how do i do this?

private IList<WizFile> wizFiles;
wizFiles = importerService.GetWizFiles();

txtExhibitors.Text = wizFiles.FileName where wizFiles.Type = exhibitors

There will only ever be one WizFile in wizFiles where the type equals exhibitors.

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Your query returns an IEnumrable<string> - you just need one:

wizFiles.First(w => w.Type == exhibitors).FileName

First will return the first item if it exists and throw an exception if the list is empty.

You can use FirstOrDefault which, for a string will return null if the list is empty.

If it is important that there is exactly one item in the list, consider using Single or SingleOrDefault instead.

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hero, thanks @Oded –  Jonno Lord Sep 27 '12 at 18:48

Here goes:

   txtExhibitors.Text = wizFiles.First(wiz => wiz.Type == exhibitors).FileName;

You may want to use FirstOrDefault and check for null before getting the FileName.

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Your answer is very similar to mine +1. –  Jodrell Sep 27 '12 at 16:04

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