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I have a table with ~150 columns. I'd like to find the count(distinct(colName)) for each column but am wondering if there's a way to do so without actually typing out each column name.

Ideally I would use count(distinct(*)) but this doesn't work.

Any other suggestions?


if this is my table:

  id         col1         col2        col3      ...
  01         10001       west         north  
  02         10001       west         south  
  03         10002       east         south  
  04         10002       west         north  
  05         10001       east         south  
  06         10003       west         north 

I'm looking for this output

count(distinct(id))   count(distinct(col1))    count(distinct(col2))   count(distinct(col3))
       6                       3                    2                      2
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Wait is it possible to have a table with a single column name used more than once? Or do you have a field that stores a column name value? – Benjamin Danger Johnson Sep 27 '12 at 16:30

You can do this:

DECLARE @query varchar(max)
    SELECT @query = 
    'SELECT ' + SUBSTRING((SELECT ',' +'COUNT(DISTINCT(' + column_name + ')) 
             As ' + column_name + ' '  
             FROM information_schema.columns
             table_name = 'table_name'
             for xml path('')),2,200000)  +  'FROM table_name'

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This should do:

select count(*) from (select distinct * from myTable) as t

Here is SQL Fiddle test.

create table Data
    Id int,
    Data varchar(50)

insert into Data 
select 1, 'ABC'
union all
select 1, 'ABC'

select count(*) 
from (select distinct * from Data) as t
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Unfortunately this doesn't work it just returns the total number of rows ... – Mark Butler Oct 31 '14 at 18:08

I don't believe this is possible with just MySQL. I would think your going to have to use a server side language to get the results you want.

Use "DESC TABLE" as your first query and then for each "field" row, compile your query.

Ignore this, wrong system tag :)

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SQL-Server tag, not MySql. – Tim Schmelter Sep 27 '12 at 16:20

Use the below script to build T-SQL query that will return a distinct count of each column in a table. Replace @Table value with your table name.

DECLARE @Table SYSNAME = 'TableName'; 

-- REVERSE and STUFF used to remove trailing UNION in string
                                     + ''' AS [Column], COUNT(DISTINCT(' 
                                     + QUOTENAME(name) + ')) AS [Count] FROM ' 
                                     + QUOTENAME(@Table) + ' UNION ' 
                              -- get column name from sys.columns  
                              FROM   sys.columns 
                              WHERE  object_id = Object_id(@Table)
                              -- concatenate result strings with FOR XML PATH
                              FOR XML PATH (''))), 1, 7, ';'));
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