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I'm using eclipse to manage my server instance, I'm wondering if it's possible to add other options/switches to the command that starts the server. Let me know if there's a way, or if I'm taking the wrong approach...

This is the error I'm getting in my application (using Quartz):

Not in an application scope - start OC4J with the -userThreads switch if using user-created threads
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Ok, I'm pretty sure it's not easy to do, I read something on the eclipse newslist about modifying one of the driver config files:

Edit appopriate oracle.x.x.x.x.serverdef file in
folder; tag <programArguments>
You might be required to redefine the server instance.

I had some difficulty implementing this so I just ran (from the command line):

java -jar oc4j.jar -userThreads

which I suppose is the way that I'm supposed to do it anyway... >_<

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