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I am trying to execute two commands at once in gdb:

finish; next

I tried using the ';' to separate the commands but gdb did not let me do both at once.

Is it possible to do multiple commands in gdb similar to bash commands separated by ';' delimiter?

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I don't believe so (but I may be wrong). You can do something like this:

(gdb) define fn
> finish
> next
> end

And then just type:

(gdb) fn

You can put this in your ~/.gdbinit file as well so it is always available.

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Bad method when gdb is invoked just to print stacktrace of the invoker: execlp("gdb", "gdb", "-batch", "-n", "-ex", "bt full", ... and I can't turn off pagination. – Vi. Jun 30 '10 at 18:01
life changing!! – Rodrigo Gurgel Jul 7 '15 at 20:47

If you are running gdb from command line you can pass multiple commands with the -ex parameter like:

$ gdb ./prog -ex 'b srcfile.c:90' -ex 'b somefunc' -ex 'r -p arg1 -q arg2'

This coupled with display and other commands makes running gdb less cumbersome.

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GDB has no such command separator character. I looked briefly, in case it would be easy to add one, but unfortunately no....

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