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I'm trying to make a plot with horizontal boxplots in ggplot2, which you can only do by using coord_flip(). I'm also trying to space the boxplots vertically to group certain sets together. I have read that faceting is recommended for this kind of thing, but this is incompatible with coord_flip(), as we can see here: ggplot2: boxplot with facet_grid and free scale. So I'm wondering if it's possible to use blank levels in order to create blank spaces. Here's what I've managed to do so far:

d <- diamonds
levels(d$cut) <- list(A="Fair", B="Good", "-", C="Very Good", D="Ideal", E="Premium")
p = ggplot(d, aes(x=cut, y=depth))
p + 
    geom_boxplot(color="black", size=0.2) + 
    theme_bw() + 
    scale_x_discrete(breaks = c("A", "B", "-", "C", "D", "E"), drop=FALSE) +

ph = 2.75
pw = 4
ggsave("plot.png", height=ph, width=pw)

As you can see, if I create a blank level with "-" in it and include it in scale_x_discrete(), then somehow I get a blank row. The problem is I can only add one space. Does anyone have any ideas on how to add spaces between these horizontal box plots?

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