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Hey guys this is a stored procedure that updates the PrevLoc field..but I want my proc to insert the upadate in to different field I do not want this to modify the original field as I still want to keep it as it is.Could you guys help on this?I greatly appreciate it.Thanks all

ALTER PROC [dbo].[updateloc]

UPDATE Stage.Loc
SET PrevLoc=RTRIM(PrevLoc)
UPDATE Stage.Loc
SET PrevLoc = REPLACE(PrevLoc, substring(PrevLoc, LEN(PrevLoc) -
        (CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(PrevLoc)))+ 1, LEN(PrevLoc)), dbo.parsLocat(PrevLoc))--    --this is a function that I use 

SET changedLoc=PrevLoc---this doesnt work

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is changeLoc a column in the table?

You would just need to set that property instead.

These changes would leave PrevLoc with no changes at all, and process that value into changeLoc

ALTER PROC [dbo].[updateloc]

UPDATE Stage.Loc
SET changeLoc=RTRIM(PrevLoc)

UPDATE Stage.Loc
SET changeLoc = REPLACE(changeLoc, substring(changeLoc, LEN(changeLoc) -
        (CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(changeLoc)))+ 1, LEN(changeLoc)), dbo.parsLocat(changeLoc))--    --this is a function that I use 

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@JDwyer...that was so useful..it works great.I do appreciate it.But I have one more question for you.If you see the first update is for trimming aspace .Instead of doing two updates is there a way to use a variable for the first and assign that to the function.Thanks again all.. –  user1689111 Sep 27 '12 at 18:02
It is probably simpler to leave it as 2 updates. In order to combine this you would need to use cursors. Keep in mind that your updates are happening for every row in the table, so there is no filtering/table seeking so having 2 queries is not going to make much of a difference. –  JDwyer Sep 27 '12 at 18:16
Thanks again..I do appreciate it..it does make sense –  user1689111 Sep 27 '12 at 18:21

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