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What is the MIME type of a Git repository?

I'd like to link it from a project web page via <link rel="vcs" type="???" href="http://git.example.org/foo.git"/>, but for that I need to know the MIME type of a whole git repository.

The first file that git fetches from the HTTP transport is /info/refs?service=git-upload-pack, and it has a MIME type of application/x-git-upload-pack-advertisement. But that's not for the whole repository.

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There's a guy that proposes to use

<link rel="vcs-git" href="git://example.org/foo.git" title="foo git repository"/>

for that purpose.

It strikes me odd that someone that is also called cweiske has a github project called phorkie that exactly suggests the following:

remote pastes can be forked (rel="vcs-git" and gist.github.com)

(Markup by me)

Did you already know the solution and want to have it confirmed?


As OP mentions in his comment, he's searching for a different way (i.e. not rel="vcs-git").

As far as I could tell

So, let's get it on:

So, why not use application/x-git from now on...

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I'm in discussion with #microformats about rel-vcs, and they say that using the type attribute is semantically better than defining 20+ vcs-* relation types. –  cweiske Sep 27 '12 at 17:56

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