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I have the following custom objects all related by Master-Detail relationships: enter image description here

I would like to create a Lookup Filter on the StateEntity field of an Invoice Item to only show StateEntitys that belong to the account of the Invoice.

For some reason, I can select the Account of the Entity of the StateEntiy in the first crieteria: enter image description here

but I can only go 1 level above the Invoice Item to the Invoice instead of 2 levels above the StateEntity: enter image description here

Why can't I traverse the parent objects the same way from each side?

(I'm logged in as a sysadmin and have full read/write permissions and have enabled "Enhanced Lookups" on all objects.)

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Greg, I don't think you'll be able to do what you'd like to. From Salesforce documentation Notes on Lookup Filters - "Spanning Relationships in Lookup Filters" section:

Filter criteria can include fields directly related to the target object (one level only).

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If you create a new Lookup Field, in Step 2 ("Choose the related object") try to select "Invoice Item" instead of "Invoice". Then in Step 3 if you create a new Lookup Filter you will be able to select "Invoice Item > Invoice > Account".

enter image description here

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