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I have an interesting issue which appears to be environment related. This works 100% fine using TOMCAT7 but doesn't work with WEBLOGIC 10.x

Have configured the following so that it overrides my JSP (liferay-hook.xml):


The hook JSP file exists in the following project location:


Confirmed by looking at the exploded WAR files in WEBLOGIC that the hook portlet has the right content, on my server it was located here and visually checked the file:


So far - looks good!

Confirmed that before deploying the hook portlet that only the following file exists (with old login):


Again - looks good!

Now this is where it gets interesting, confirmed that after deploying the hook portlet the following files exist:


PROBLEM: Both files are the OLD COPY, for some reason the login.jsp does NOT contain the hook copy as I would expect. Is this a defect or is there something special that has to be done to make it work in Weblogic10?

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