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I have a div floating at the right side of the page. Using a plugin, it goes up and down when the window is scrolled vertically.


|                  |
|   The scrollable |
|      DIV         |
|                  |   


The scrollable DIV is like a Cart Summary Box. The problem is that when the scroll is made the div keeps scrolling down until you keep scrolling. I want to set a dynamic maximum margin-top for it. The scrolling is happening because of the change in its margin-top. Is there anyway, I can restrict that to happen? The page contains other elements on the left which can shrink or expand. I want the max scrollable height to be adjusted accordingly to the height of parent div.

Thanks for a thought.

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Well it's almost impossible to tell you how to fix that without you posting some code.

I would recommend you use jQuery Stick'em to achieve that

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@Ahmed - Thanks ! Stick'em is good. But the one I felt that best worked for me, is a plugin called jScroll. –  Swanidhi Aug 5 '13 at 18:05

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