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New to Bootstrap and having some issues with accordion. Hoping someone would help me resolve it.

Basically I have an empty accordion and a drop down menu. Every time a selection made in the drop down menu, it is added to the accordion, with full .accordion-group mark up, but with empty .accordion-body div. After that this accordion-group set as droppable and .ui-droppable class is automatically added.

After that I am able to drag and drop a bunch of other divs into the .accordion-group and those divs are appended to .accordion-body of this particular group. This part works fine, however, as soon as i click to expand any given .accordion-group, .ui-droppable class gets stripped from ALL of them.

How do I stop it from removing .ui-droppable class??

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use html markup from Bootstrap page: (For some reason I am unable to format HTML as code here by indenting it with 4 spaces,so im just pasting the link to it)

  2. Add JS, which makes groups droppable

    $('#accordion2').find('.accordion-group').each(function() { $(this).droppable(); });

  3. Inspect elements to make sure .ui-droppable class is set

  4. Click to expand a group. Any group.

  5. Inspect elements. .ui-droppable has been stipped from ALL of them

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Resolved this, but I think it is a very stupid way to achieve the result, so I am not happy with how Bootstrap handles toggles. I really don't think there is a need to loop though every .accordion-group to re-apply droppable attributes every single time someone opens OR closes a section.

Going to re-do it with just a button and a div for each section.

Here is the solution:

$('#host-groups').on('shown', function() {
    $('#host-groups').find('.accordion-group').each(function() {


$('#host-groups').on('hidden', function() {
    $('#host-groups').find('.accordion-group').each(function() {



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