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I wrote a little tool to programmatically merge multiple branches. I use the following code:

    var candidates = _server.GetMergeCandidates(sourcePath, targetPath, RecursionType.Full);
    foreach (var c in candidates)
        var changeset = new ChangesetVersionSpec(c.Changeset.ChangesetId);
        var status = _workspace.Merge(sourcePath, targetPath, changeset, changeset);
        if (!status.NoActionNeeded)

I get the correct merge candidates, but the status on each one is NoActionNeeded. When, I merge manually the changes show up as pending changes.

What am I doing wrong?

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In one of my own tools I do a very similar action with:

_workspace.Merge(sourcePath, targetPath, null, null, LockLevel.None, RecursionType.Full, MergeOptionsEx.None)

This operates on the 'latest' stand.

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