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I have a game, Zen Bound 2, I got from the Humble Bundle for Android. It is large, 183 MB. I can install it, however I cannot move it to the SD card. I know it is built with installLocation="auto" and sdkVersion=targetSdkVersion="8". The button to "Move to SD card" in Settings is enabled and functional. However, it fails to move, after running for a minute or so.

I have read the other posts on moving to the SD card and did not find this particular issue to be covered.

This is on an EVO 3D running Android 4.0.3. I was able to move a slightly earlier version of the same app when it was running Android 2.3. I am also able to move other apps back and forth from the phone and the card. It is probably associated with the size, but I cannot determine what is the problem.

This is what I get from LogCat with filter: PackageManager|PackageHelper|MountService|VoldConnector!NativeDaemonConnector|ActivityManager|DefContainer. These appear to be the relevant tags. There were 13.6 GB free on the card and 343 MB available internally when I ran the try below.

09-27 13:53:25.442: I/PackageHelper(233): Forcibly destroying container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:53:25.442: W/ActivityManager(233): No content provider found for permission revoke: file:///data/app/com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1.apk
09-27 13:53:25.662: I/PackageHelper(233): Failed to destroy container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:53:25.692: I/PackageHelper(5549): Size of container 183 MB
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233): Failed to get response
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233): java.lang.NullPointerException
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.doCommandLocked(NativeDaemonConnector.java:300)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.doCommand(NativeDaemonConnector.java:281)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.MountService.createSecureContainer(MountService.java:2299)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.storage.IMountService$Stub.onTransact(IMountService.java:1026)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:338)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.internal.app.IMediaContainerService$Stub$Proxy.copyResourceToContainer(IMediaContainerService.java:206)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerService$SdInstallArgs.copyApk(PackageManagerService.java:6626)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerService$MoveParams.handleStartCopy(PackageManagerService.java:6181)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerService$HandlerParams.startCopy(PackageManagerService.java:5766)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerService$PackageHandler.doHandleMessage(PackageManagerService.java:547)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at com.android.server.pm.PackageManagerService$PackageHandler.handleMessage(PackageManagerService.java:492)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:99)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:154)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/VoldConnector(233):   at android.os.HandlerThread.run(HandlerThread.java:60)
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/PackageHelper(5549): Failed to create secure container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:53:55.721: I/PackageHelper(233): Forcibly destroying container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:53:55.721: D/VoldConnector(233): No Resp times=1
09-27 13:53:55.721: E/DefContainer(5549): Failed to create container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:53:55.721: W/ActivityManager(233): No content provider found for permission revoke: file:///data/app/com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1.apk
09-27 13:54:19.114: I/PackageHelper(233): Forcibly destroying container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:54:19.715: I/PackageHelper(233): Failed to destroy container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:54:19.715: I/PackageHelper(233): Forcibly destroying container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1
09-27 13:54:19.905: I/PackageHelper(233): Failed to destroy container com.secretexit.zb2.humble-1

Note there is a NullPointerException. If I look at the code for the packages in the trace, using GrepCode, for example, the lines do not match, and I have been unable to find what is causing the exception. This would be the first problem to address.

There are also problems installing or moving other large apps when they try to install to the SD card. The problem is associated with the SD card. I won't fill this post with more LogCat, but they all have the NullPointerException when they fail and cannot create a container. I have checked for smdl2tmp files and deleted them. When the apps fail to install they often create new ones. I mention this because it is related and using the same mechanisms. However, for simplicity, let's stick to the above move problem.

I will note that PackageManager.installPackage and PackageManager.movePackage are hidden with @hide and cannot be used from the SDK. Thus, all I have been able to do is look at the LogCat when trying to do the move.

What I would like to know is why, exactly, these are failing to be moved to the SD card, even though there appears to be plenty of space, and of course, how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

Added later:

Since posting this I have the following information: I can trace the code flow pretty well, even though the line numbers in the stack trace don't agree and some are well beyond the length of the GrepCode versions. Neither of "Failed to get response" or "No Resp times" are in the GrepCode versions. I also cannot see where the stack trace is logged, and AFAICT a NullPointerException is not caught in the first place in the GrepCode versions nor can I see where it is logged. (With the VoldConnector tag it should be in NativeDaemonConnector.)

In addition, I was able to install and move it on an Emulator running 4.0.3. (It took a while to figure out how to increase the internal memory.) Also, it moved when the phone was Android 2.3.

My tentative hypothesis is that it is HTC-added code, and that it has a bug. Not sure what to do next.

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