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I am using Lua with wxLua to build a GUI. Normally when I exit the app, I get no output from Lua.

However I just added a function to a wxListView (called myListView) like this = bar

function bar (self)
    -- do something with the wxListView

Whether or not I ever called foo(), when I exit the app, I get the following output from Lua:

~wxLuaObject -2 1 0

If I comment out the assignment, I get no output when exiting the app. If instead, I nil out foo later on in the code: = nil

I get the same output immediately when that line is executed and then again on program exit.

What does the output mean? What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it?


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I may be missing what you are trying to do. I tried the following code and it works fine (my message is printed, and no other messages are printed): listCtrl = wx.wxListView(panel, ID_LISTCTRL, wx.wxDefaultPosition, wx.wxDefaultSize); = function() print "something" end; This is on Windows. What platform are you on? – Paul Kulchenko Sep 27 '12 at 21:51
@Paul - Thanks for the response! It is Win 7 64-bit. I don't know if it could explain my result, but I neglected to mention that I am using an xrc file for the gui layout. I run the program using "lua.exe myApp.lua" from a command line prompt, and when it exits I get the mysterious message. – Stomp Sep 27 '12 at 22:29

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This seems to be an internal diagnostic for the case when wxLuaObject is destroyed and m_reference == LUA_NOREF (-2 as it is in your case) and Lua state object is not in closing state (0 as reported in your case):

// this is from modules/wxlua/src/wxlbind.cpp (starts on line 83 in my version)
    if ((m_reference != LUA_NOREF) && m_wxlState->Ok() && !m_wxlState->IsClosing())
        m_wxlState->wxluaR_Unref(m_reference, &wxlua_lreg_refs_key);
        m_reference = LUA_NOREF;
    //else if (!m_wxlState->IsClosing())
    //    wxPrintf(wxT("~wxLuaObject %d %d %d\n"), (int)m_reference, (int)m_wxlState->Ok(), (int)m_wxlState->IsClosing());

I have this message commented out in my wxlua code (, but you may want to check your version and upgrade as needed. This is the only place where ~wxLuaObject message appears in the source code. It seems to be harmless, but it can potentially point to other issues with what you are doing.

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Thank you! I will be less hesitant to dig into the source code next time :) – Stomp Sep 27 '12 at 23:26

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