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Take a screenshot via a python script. [Linux]

How can I achieve the capturing screen-shots and saving in a folder as achieved by the following python code in windows in linux (ubuntu)? I also want to run it at the OS start-up.

import os
import sys
import time
import Image
import ImageGrab
SaveDirectory=r'C:\Documents and Settings\gg\Desktop\office_docs'


for i in range(10000):

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The first thing you should do, is replace the path of SaveDirectory with a path that works on both operating systems.

Based on How to get the home directory in Python?, you can use os.path.expanduser to replace ~ with your home directory.

A possible solution is:

from os.path import expanduser
import os.path.join

SaveDirectory = expanduser(os.path.join('Desktop', 'office_docs'))

For the second part of the question, it depends whether you want to do it via a GUI or manually editing a config file. Here you should find the instruction for the GUI. Here you can find the instructions for the config file way.

I should note that the python style guide suggest lowercase names with words separated by underscores for instance variables since it improves readability, but this is just a suggestion.

I hope you find this answer useful and apologise if it does not work as I have not tested it myself.

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to get path for Desktop reliably on Windows see Python, get windows special folders for currently logged-in user – J.F. Sebastian Sep 27 '12 at 21:14

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