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I'm trying to implement a feature in my Rails 3 site using BDD:

Feature: Patents Administration

  Scenario: Patents index
    Given I am on the admin patents page
    Then I should see "Patents"
    And the title should be "Wavetronix - Patents"

And here are the corresponding steps:

Given /^I am on the (.*?) page$/ do |text|
  visit eval("#{text.downcase.gsub(/\s/, '_')}_path(locale: 'en')")

Then /^I should see "(.*?)"$/ do |text|
  page.must_have_selector('h1', text: text)

Then /^the title should be "(.*?)"$/ do |text|
  page.must_have_selector('title', text: text)

The first step fails as expected: I need to implement Admin::PatentsController:

module Admin
  class PatentsController < BaseController
    before_filter :find_patent

    def index



    def find_patent
      @patent = Patent.find(params[:id]) if params[:id]

Because it inherits from Admin::BaseController—which has its own index action and view:

module Admin
  class BaseController < ApplicationController

    filter_access_to :index

    def index


Admin::PatentsController inherits that action and view as well. When I override the BaseController implementation by explicitly defining an index action and view for the PatentsController, I can see the change in the browser—that it picks up the new index action and view—but the Cucumber step fails because it appears to still be looking at the BaseController index action and view.

I created a gist with more code for reference.

Is this a bug? Is there a better way to test this?

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Bonehead: I am not accounting for existing authentication mechanism, which is redirecting because the test request isn't authenticated.

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