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I have created an RSS reader (web-app), with usual stuff read rss in xml format parse and display it to user. Every thing is working fine. Now I want 'my reader app' to use google-reader account as back end, my work flow goes like this

  1. Ask user to log into google account (through pop window).
  2. Google ask user-Id password and after login it says " 'xyz' app want to access you acount 'Allow' 'Deny'"
  3. After allow, access google reader account and get list of subscriptions
  4. If user reads a feed tell google reader (may be thru web API), this item has been read

I just dont know how to accomplish this part. I have tried googling and have read many posts/blog but nothing worked i dont know from where to start.

Please help, Thanks

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As you can read in this blog post from Martin Doms, you should be able to get a session token using an HttpWebRequest object with an URL like:


The whole blog (the article is composed of 3 parts) is worth reading to have a complete overview of the approach.

You can also read about the Google Reader API on this site.

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