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CFile   file;

CFileException fe;

if (file.Open(strPath, CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeReadWrite | CFile::typeBinary, &fe) )

This doesn't work. The file path provided by strPath already exist but it will not open this file and returns with error code 5. If I do remove the CFile::modeCreateflag than the file is opened fine. The documentation says if the file already exists 'CFile::modeCreate' will attach itself to it and truncate it's to zero but in reality it never opens the file in the first place. Is there an issue with my call?

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I resolved this. The problem was that the file had 'ready only' attribute set. I changed it to normal before I open it and that fixed it.

SetFileAttributes(strPath, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL);
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