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I tried to run Tomcat 6 on a Win 7 platform in which I am not an admin.

I got the following:

Starting fm_tomcat_default
Asked (and given) winsock 1.1
OpenSCManager failed - Access is denied. (0x5)

I can ask admins to change a setting which would allow this app to run, as long as it is just freeing up a finite list of configuration items and not being an admin all the way. But in order to do that, I need to know what to ask them to open up. Any idea?


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I work in a restricted environment too. On my Win7 box, I run Tomcat in a VM using Virtual Box. That gives me full admin rights to the VM. – Ed Manet Sep 28 '12 at 18:27

I need to know what to ask them to open up. Any idea?

Ask them to open up their mind and grant you admin access to the system. Ok, this is probably not the answer you are looking for, maybe I'm just expressing some past frustrations here.

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yeah, that certainly won't do. i work at a very large and rigidly structured finaancil corporation. i understand their policies though. you have to be rigid when you are that big not not let things go out of control. – amphibient Sep 28 '12 at 18:24
@foampile Right - but if they want you to develop for them, they have to trust you anyway. IMHO you cannot apply the same security policies to both clerks and programmers. – f_puras Sep 28 '12 at 18:48

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