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I have a username and password input field and I'm using the jquery validation plugin to validate my form. I know how to create custom rules and all but I'm just wondering how to write the regexp for it.

I want the password to be:
1) minimum 8 characters (this is taken care of by minlength in rules)
2) Contain a symbol (!@#$%^&*?~`'")
3) Contain a number (0-9)

jQuery.validator.addMethod("password", function(value, element) { 
        return this.optional(element) || /.../i.test(value);
    }, jQuery.format("Enter correct password")); 

I just don't know how to write the regex to search the input and see if it contains at least 1 symbol and 1 number. Any ideas? Thanks

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Here we go


It tells, starting from the beginning of the string, that any string with length >=8 is ok


You need also to tell that from the beginning of the string you need a symbol in any position


And a digit in any position


using positive lookahead

A working example

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