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I am trying to animate something.

I set the the default font-size in the html element in css.

I am trying to get the font-size that I set in the css, and then use it in javascript.

I tried this...

var somevariable = getElementById('HtmlId');
var anothervariable = somevariable.style.fontSize;

but I get NAN.

I have tried parsing the variable assuming that it returns a string.

I want to get the css

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if you're using jquery, you could do it this way:

var somevariable = $("#HtmlId").css("font-size");

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I recommend you to use jQuery :

var fontSize = parseInt(jQuery('#HtmlId').css('font-size'), 10); 

use of pure JavaScript may not return desired result, as if you run following lines separately in console (site:stackoverflow.com). results are different.

document.body.style.fontSize // ''
jQuery('body').css('font-size') // 13px
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It should be :-

var somevariable = document.getElementById('HtmlId');

The line after that is fine.

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No, even fixed that way, the code gets just the font-size value set in a style attribute of the body element. If font size is defaulted or it if is set in a normal way, like CSS rule body { font-size: 12pt, the fontSize property has an empty value. –  Jukka K. Korpela Sep 28 '12 at 9:44

Here is a non-jquery solution...works even if font is not not set in CSS. Kind've clumsy...

var myElem = document.getElementById("myElementId");
var fontSize = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(myElem, null).fontSize;

edit- someone else saw what the real error probably is... missed "document."

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