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I want To create a product cataloge page which has Two section on one side there will be all products And on the other side there will be filters to select The products which has the specific taxonomy term attached to it.

Is there any way i can achieve this.... I am using drupal 7 with drupal commerce


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This has got nothing specific to do with Drupal commerce.

It can be easily done with the views module.

  1. You can create a a page display, set all the fields that you want to display.
  2. Create one contextual filter that will filter based on the taxonomy term from the url.
  3. Create all the filters that you wish to display to the user.
  4. Make sure that you select the checkbox "expose to the user" to make it visible to the end user.

You are good to go. If you are particular about having the filters side by side to the catalog, select the option create a block with the exposed filter option. And then place the block [available on your block listing page] accordingly.

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