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I have a WooCommerce site which has a custom post type named 'products'.

Each product is associated with 1 or more technologies which I have detailed in a set of pages. There are 8 pages in all, one for each technology. The pages are accessible in a "Technologies" menu on the site.

I want to be able to link products and technologies so that I may call up the linked pages on product pages. I will have a technologies section where I will list the technologies, the key image and excerpt. The thing is, every product uses different technologies.

What I have imaged as a solution is a way to link the pages to the product much like I would link categories. Then on the product page, I can get the attached pages to that product.

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From what I understand from your question, the answer is available at the Wordpress codex. If this is not the case, you probably have to formulate your question better.

From that page from the codex, you can pick up a line as simple as this one:

   <?php wp_list_pages('post_type=yourcustomtype&title_li='); ?>
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I've found a very useful plugin called "Advanced Custom Fields"( which allows this. With this plugin, you can create Relations between a post and other posts/pages.

enter image description here

Then in you post, you can call up the related post objects and pull all the information you like from them.

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