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I'm currently adding iCloud support for my app, but i noticed that in the iCloud -> manage storage settings my app's icon is missing. I've added the Icon-Small.png/Icon-Small-50.png plus their @2x versions in the xcode project in the "Resources" folder, then added their names in Info.plist but it still shows white.

What am i doing wrong?

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Please note that the app is not live yet on the App Store. Does it affect the iCloud icon? –  user1417683 Sep 27 '12 at 22:02
I would like to know that as well. –  Tomer Rubin Jun 1 '14 at 9:18

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Once you show up in Settings, a little like registering your device for push notifications, there's some caching happening. You should try resetting all settings and installing fresh. Also if it's a physical device, not the simulator, try to delete the app, set the date forward by over a day, install fresh, and it should bypass that cache.

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Did you build the app, compile it, and added the icon very later on? This is usually a caché issue. The best way to go around this is to uninstall the app from your device and do a clean build.

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