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So I have a form two two inputs, "Free" and "Price". Free is a checkbox, and if the box is checked then the Price box should not show, if it is unchecked then the price box should show.

I can easily hook the onChecked and toggle the visibility on and off after the page has loaded, but the question is pre-loading what is the best practise.

From what I can tell theres three main solutions here :-

  1. Set an inline style to set the visibility based on the starting model, ie @(model.Free?"hidden":"visibile") this just seems sort of bad practise since isn't CSS supposed to be seperated from structure, this kinda mixes the two a little.

  2. Set a jQuery handler to fire on load to check the checkbox status, the problem with this approach is that theres a few seconds before it fires so you get a "flicker"

  3. Some other thing I'm missing...

Any advice?

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Set a CSS class for all of these that has the style display: none; and then use your ready() function to show the ones you want. – Jeremy Holovacs Sep 27 '12 at 22:17
@JeremyHolovacs, this can be tricky sometimes. I realize this is not part of the question, but some frameworks like the knockout visible binding only show/hide by adding/removing a display:none inline style. If you apply a class to hide initially, that visible binding would not work (without extra work during ready(), like you mentioned). – danludwig Sep 27 '12 at 22:22
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Most css styles are better off separated into an external stylesheet, but for a simple style="display:none;", inline styles are fine.

Also, as of MVC4, if a variable is null, Razor won't render the attribute.

    var displayIt = Model.Free ? "display:none;" : null;
<div style="@displayIt">
    The above style attribute will not be rendered when displayIt is null
    (in MVC4)
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