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I am encountering some issues with integrating jQuery deferred objects with jQuery UI tabs.

Basically, I want to achieve something like this:

(function($) {
   var tabs;

   function func1 () {
      return $.get(url, function() {
         // ajax call 1

   function loadTabs() {
     return tabs = $('.tabs').tabs({
        ajaxOptions: {
            beforeSend: function(jQXHR, settings) {
                // load spinner image
            complete: function(jqXHR, settings) {
                // destroy spinner image

   $.when(func1(), loadTabs()).then(function() {
      tabs.bind('tabsload', function(event, currentTab) {
         // do something

Basically, I dont think i'm getting a deferred object back from the tabs instantiation. I have read that upgrading to the jQuery 1.9 UI release candidate may expose an API to get a deferred object but I can't seem to find documentation for that functionality.

EDIT: My overall goal with this implementation is to have my loading spinner icons display while the results of func1() and loadTabs() are being received. Once those two processes have finished, I want to hide/destroy the spinner.

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Why not just do:

function myTabs() {
    $.ajax(url, { data: data})

function loadTabsFunction(response) { }

function loadSpinner() { }

function killSpinner() { }

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