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I'm using Paperclip to resize photos in a Rails app. Some of them are not square pictures, so borders are added. I'd like the PNG pictures to keep a transparent background while the JPEG ones to have a red background.

Using the -background transparent option seems to work fine for the PNGs, but adds black borders to the JPGs.

Adding a -fill red option as recommended doesn't change much, and only using -background red works on the JPEGs but makes the PNG backgrounds red too.

I wonder what I'm missing here. Or is there a way to conditionally pass options depending on the input file format?

The command line I use is:

convert original.jpg -resize "200x200" -background transparent -fill red -gravity center -extent 200x200 result.jpg

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What is the exact command you are using for your resizing operation? (the result of -background transparent operations are sometimes dependent on the context of other settings) –  Kurt Pfeifle Sep 28 '12 at 5:33
convert original.jpg -resize "200x200" -background transparent -fill red -gravity center -extent 200x200 result.jpg –  Kevin Sep 28 '12 at 14:30

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I would try to derive a custom processor from Paperclip::Processor and have its make method modify the settings for each case and then run super. Have a look at http://rdoc.info/github/thoughtbot/paperclip/Paperclip/Processor

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