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Hope somebody can help me.

I have a raspberry pi with the raspbmc distro loaded, connected to a tv via hdmi. There's no mouse or keyboard attached as all control is done by iPad apps.

After being inactive for a while (such as overnight) the display turns off, audio still works but there is no display. If i connect via ssh the display reactivates.

Is there any way to stop the display turning off?

Thanks for you help. Rob

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Update - connecting by ssh only reactivates the display if the tv is not on that hdmi channel. If i;m watching normal tv, ssh to the pi and then switch channels to the hdmi it works. If i switch to the hdmi and then ssh in it doesn't display anything.. –  RobLaw84 Sep 28 '12 at 8:15

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Please check the forum's suggestion to use custom timer from XBMC or TV settings


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