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My problem goes, as the title says, create web pages programmatically of multiple solutions on SharePoint 2010; because when I do deploy one solution the program recognize my site templates and I can create without problems, but when I do deploy two solutions the program not recognize second site templates. Normally I have 50 site templates on 1033 and each solution add 3 templates to 1033, but at the end I only find 53.

this.webTemplates = site.RootWeb.GetAvailableWebTemplates(1033);

int a = this.webTemplates.Count;

//a = 53    =(

When I re-run the application I find the 56 templates but I need to make deployment both solutions in one and found all templates. So, there some service I have to restart or update some element?

Thanks in advance! And sorry if my English is not so good.

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