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So I have a file in the form of:

Key1   Value1
Key2   Value2
Key3   Value3

seperated by a tab. My question is how do I open this file and put it into a hash? I have tried to do:

 fp = File.open(file_path)

 fp.each do |line|
   value = line.chomp.split("\t")
   hash = Hash[*value.flatten]

But at the end of this loop the @datafile hash only contains the latest entry...I kinda want it all.....

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hash[key] = value to add a new key-value pair. hash.update(otherhash) to add the key-value-pairs from otherhash to hash.

If you do hash = foo, you reassign hash, losing the old contents.

So for your case, you can do:

hash = {}
File.open(file_path) do |fp|
  fp.each do |line|
    key, value = line.chomp.split("\t")
    hash[key] = value
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Don't forget to instantiate hash (hash = {}) before the File.open block, or else it won't be available following the last end statement. – glenn jackman Aug 12 '09 at 14:54
Good point. Fixed. – sepp2k Aug 12 '09 at 15:18

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