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I have a drop down

<select name="claimsform">
  <option value="lp_claims"> lp_claims</option>
  <option value="gap_claims">gap_claims</option>
  <option value="home_claims">home_claims</option>

and I want to set the below div's css display to block using jquery depending on what you select on the drop down

So If i select "home_claims", the div with .home_claims will set the display property to block.

<div class="lp_claims">
<p> <strong>LP Claims heading</strong></p>

<div class="gap_claims">
<p> <strong>GAP Heading</strong></p>

<div class="home_claims">
<p><strong>Home heading</strong></p>

and my current css is

.lp_claims, .gap_claims, .home_claims{ display:none;}

Thanks heaps guys.

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Try this

  $('select').on('change', function() {
    var val = $(this).val();
    $('.' + val).css('display', 'block');


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Thanks buddy! It solved it.. –  nasty Sep 28 '12 at 1:43
@Uds .. ur welcome :) –  Sushanth -- Sep 28 '12 at 3:21

Try this

$('select[name=claimsform]').on('change', function(){
var selected = $(this).val();
   $('.'+selected +'').css('display','block');

See live fiddle

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Try this:

Live Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/sAsA5/

$(document).ready(function() {

    var $doc = $(this);
    var lp_claims = $doc.find('.lp_claims');
    var gap_claims = $doc.find('.gap_claims');
    var home_claims = $doc.find('.home_claims');

    $('#claimsform').change(function() {
        var target = $(this).val();
        if (target === "0") lp_claims.add(gap_claims).add(home_claims).css({ display:"none" });
        if (target === 'lp_claims') lp_claims.css({ display:"block" });
        if (target === 'gap_claims') gap_claims.css({ display:"block" });
        if (target === 'home_claims') home_claims.css({ display:"block" });

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