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I'm having trouble accessing the cookies object in my cell views via helper. My code looks like this:

helper SessionsHelper

#cell view

#sessions helper

I'm getting the error: undefined local variable or methodcookies'`.

How do I make cookies visible there?

Alternatively, I'd like to pass Helper as an object collaborator to my cell, because this helper contains a lot of useful methods. Is doing the correct way to do that?

<%= render_cell :my_cell, :display, session_helper: %>

I now see that SessionsHelper is in fact a module, so I cannot invoke the new() method. What should I do with undefined cookies?

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I always define signed_in? in ApplicationController. (There cookies is available) And then do:

helper_method :signed_in?

to make it available as a helper method.

As for your second question: session_helper: is not necessary. All methods from all helpers are available all views.

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