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If I create a bitmap with System.Drawing.Bitmap How can I specify what colour space the bitmap uses? Also how can I make sure the colour profile is embedded when I save the image as a jpeg or tiff?

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I think I have found the answer to this.

The colour space is recorded in the image's PropertyItems

It has an ID of 40961 which is it's EXIF ID.

So I would presume that adding an instance of this property to a newly created bitmap would give the image a colour space.

There is a big problem though. System.Drawing.Imaging.PropertyItem class does not have a public constructor. So it is not possible to create a new PropertyItem. It says in the documentation that PropertyItems are only meant for accessing existing image metadata and not creating metadata. So what if I want to create an entirely new image and assign it a colour space with a PropertyItem?

It also says in the documentation that if I wish to create a new PropertyItem that I should get an existing PropertyItem, clone it, edit the clone, and add the clone to PropertyItems. However if I am creating a new image there will not be any existing PropertyItems. So how am I supposed to add a PropertyItem that declares a colour space?

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