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I have been using TimelineJS from here with the JSON version of data retreival. It works fine but I cannot adjust the date that the time line starts at.

In the documentation it says to set up the JSON file as such:

            "headline":"The Main Timeline Headline Goes here",
            "text":"<p>Intro body text goes here, some HTML is ok</p>",

I have replicated this but just changed the details, eg:

        "headline":"HOT LATIN EVENTS",
        "text":"Scroll through a list of Latin Music events>>> ",
        "date": [

                "headline":"PELIGRO Y SU BANDA  - Melbourne",
                "text":"<p><strong>Copacaban International</strong>, 139 Smith Street, Fitzroy, 3065</p>",

I have tried using just a year in startDate as well (eg: 2011) to no effect. The time line just starts at the first event below.

Anyone know whats going on?


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I'm also having issues with Timeline.js. I can't get the thing to even work. – Rob Angelier Oct 4 '12 at 9:10

I haven't found a way to directly specify a start date for timelines but you can iterate through your timeline slides to find the closest match, then use the index of that slide as your start_at_slide value. For example:

var timeline_dates =;
var start_index = 0;
var target_date = new Date(); //set whatever date you want as your start date
for(x in timeline_dates) {
    var slide_date = new Date( timeline_dates[x].startDate );
    if( slide_date < target_date) start_index++;

Then when you instantiate your timeline, you'd use it like this:

    type:       'timeline',
    width:      '800',
    height:     '400',
    source:     data_source,
    embed_id:   'timeline_container',
    start_at_slide: start_index
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Thanks for this innovative idea. – Dave Agaba May 22 '14 at 9:56
Just an FYI, here's a direct link to the configuration options for TimelineJS (specifically, the "start at slide" attribute): – brightmatrix Mar 23 '15 at 13:31

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