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Here is a simple file named First.R

print (x)}

I want to install it ,when i enter R environment,input require("First"),i can use firstfun(x),to print what i want ,how can i do? I have seen many long materials ,it is boring,i want a simple way to do.

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One option is to put the function in a text file named "First.R" (or, more likely, "myFunctions.R"). You can then source that file when you need the function, or any others stored in the text file.


(You'll of course have to take care to specify the appropriate path to "First.R", but that's much more straightforward than learning how to create a package.)

Another option (mentioned by @flodel) is to create a text file named .Rprofile in a project-specific directory, and put your function definition in it. Every R session launched from that directory will then have firstfun loaded into it. If you wanted all R sessions to be loaded with the function, you could put it in $RHOME/etc/.Rprofile, but that's such bad practice that I was hesitant to even mention it...

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+1 -- you could also mention .Rprofile (as ?Startup will certainly be very "boring") –  flodel Sep 28 '12 at 1:01

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