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I have a page where I need to show/hide divs based on what button the user clicks. In the page, I have two divs (divBranchList and divGrowerList) and two buttons (btnBranch and btnGrower). I am using the following code to show/hide the divs.

      $(document).bind('pageinit', function () {

        //show hide lists
        $("#btnGrower").click(function () {


      $("#btnBranch").click(function () {


While this works perfectly when the page loads or if I refresh the page, but fails to work when the user clicks on a listitem and the page comes back from the server after getting some data. The page has both lists visible although if I put a breakpoint at the following line in Firebug's script panel, it does get hit.


Any ideas why the div is not hiding or how to make it work?

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If you're showing and hiding content in a JQueryMobile page, you will probably need to trigger the UpdateLayout event


after you've done your showing / hiding...

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