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Autopair is not working for { and '. Is there any code that needs to added?

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Autopair works by analysing the syntax table for the particular major mode you're in. There are entries there for open delimiter, close delimiter and paired delimiters(marked with a (, ) and $ symbols). You have to modify the syntax table to alter autopair's behaviour.

This would make the { and } delimiters matching each other:

(modify-syntax-entry ?{ "(}")
(modify-syntax-entry ?} "){")

Btw, Emacs 24.1 includes a built-in mode called electric-pair-mode that's fairly similar to autopair-mode.

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I think it depends on the major mode you're using. But if you want to add specific pairs additionally to the ones specified by your major-mode, there is a variable for it. Check M-x customize-group RET autopair RET.

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