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In doing an NSMetadataQuery, I'm getting results back and I'm getting the file paths but NSMetadataItemFSCreationDateKey is always null. For example:

    for (NSMetadataItem * result in sortedResults) {
      NSLog(@"Going through results");
      NSDate *theDate = [result valueForAttribute:NSMetadataItemFSCreationDateKey];
      NSURL * fileURL = [result valueForAttribute:NSMetadataItemURLKey];

If I breakpoint the above code, fileURL is set properly but theDate is always nil.

I'm testing this on iOS 6.

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Also, NSMetadataItemFSContentChangeDateKey works, so until I've figured this out I'll use this to sort my results. Really strange why CreationDate is empty. –  tharris Sep 28 '12 at 3:18

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