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I was developing a site and its like 80% done and I am still working on it - the problem right now I am facing is client is asking me to show him a verification mail is sent when user get register with a link to verify the account - so despite decorating it I was searching for some ready made template that are already converted in PHP mail as I am new to php as well - But so far I have not found any ? can any body help me finding them online ? or they are not available over internet and I have to decorate the mail my self ?

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"decorating" the mail yourself shouldn't be very hard. However, I recommend using table layouts, as css is treated unpredicatably across mail clients. Just create an HTML file, lay out a template using tables and inline css (again, unfortunate). – Ben D Sep 28 '12 at 3:10
I am not talking about in liners ! I am talking about pre-made templates ! – Mayo Watro Sep 28 '12 at 3:19

What do you mean with a template?

If it is about the design, then you can send the email as html so you can format it anyway you want.

There are very good mailing scripts like phpmailer and swift mailer.

You can also check SPF and DKIM.

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