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How can we have Solr 3.6.1 return the Geospatial search results both filtered by bbox and sorted by distance?

I tried appending a &sort=geodist() asc to the URL as stated in the Solr docs, but I get the error:

sort param could not be parsed as a query, and is not a field that exists in the index: geodist()

Query URL with sort & bbox (NOT Working)

&sort=geodist() asc

Query URL with sort (Works)


Query URL with bbox (Works)


How can I have both bbox filtering and sort the results by distance (geodist())?

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Simply pull out the 'pt' and 'sfield' local-params you have into top-level query parameters, just as you did with the working sort query. Your fq will be just {!bbox d=5}

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What is the reason for having to pull out pt and sfield parameters, but leaving d parameter within the curly braces? –  Nyxynyx Sep 29 '12 at 15:14
So called "Query Parsers" like bbox first look for a parameter in its local-params and then fall back to the top URL parameters. They need to be at the top level so that geodist() will see them. –  David Smiley Sep 29 '12 at 18:29

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