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I have a BlogBundle and I want to add a thread to my posts (using FOSCommentBundle) but following the FOS documentation I have to provide the thread ID. The problem is that all my older posts has the thread property set to NULL, what is the best way to associate a new thread to my older posts ? If possible, I would not have to change the FOSThreadController.

 * @var \ACME\CommentBundle\Thread $thread
 * @ORM\OneToOne(targetEntity="ACME\CommentBundle\Entity\Thread", cascade={"persist", "remove"})
private $thread;
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You can write command to find all the posts with thread == null and create thread for it.

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yes, you definately need to fix up your data. those legacy stuff will cause you big trouble (exceptions in templates, as you can't link back to thread overview.. ) – weyandch Sep 28 '12 at 11:47

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