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I need to run my server side component on a IBM AIX machine. I am wondering if any of the IBM Amazon Cloud Products, can be used for this. I dont need a app server, or a web server. Just a AIX server with network, so that I can call sockets. I searched the 'Community AIMS', and did not see IBM AIX listed there.

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As far as I know Amazon does not offer AIX instances. Some similar service can be found at lparbox.com. Another option is to rent a physical machine (if buying an used one is not reasonable).

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No, Both AIX and Solaris are not available on AWS.

Even though, you can have many of the IBM Apps, like DB2, available on EC2. Please check : http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/faq-ec2/faq-ec2.html


OpenSolaris was available before, but ever since Oracle acquired Sun, they (Oracle) stopped the EC2 support. https://blogs.oracle.com/ec2/entry/oracle_solaris_on_amazon_ec2

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I guess AIX and HPUX are not supported. I wonder if something has changed since a year.

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