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I am trying to create my first module in Magento.

The thing that I can't do i sto define a module's route in the way that I want.

I want to create a route "gateways/iphone" and it doesn't works. Is it possible to use "/" in a route definition?

This is my module definition:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

And it is working fine in /gateway_iphone, but if I change <frontName> value to <frontName>gateways/iphone</frontName> when I try to hit /gateways/iphone it doesn't run.

Is it possible to use "/" character in a router definition?

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Since Magento parses URL to get router/controller/action, you can't really specify the router with /, since it will violate the above structure.

The answer is pretty easy though, why don't you specify gateways as a router, and iphone as a controller? You still will need a controller for your module, so instead of creating IndexController, you can create IphoneController with gateways as a router, and get desired gateways/iphone in the url.

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works like a charm :) I was believing that "gateways_iphone" was being routed to "IndexController->IndexAction", now I understood how it works, thanks a lot –  FreelanceAr Sep 28 '12 at 15:19

If ever you need even more complex URLs then there is a regex-based rewrite method. For instance you could add the following to your config.xml:

            <!-- Assuming that "gateways" is now the frontName -->
        <!-- Other rewrites for nacho here -->

For a little more detail see this wiki or for a lot more see this blog.

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You should have to rename your module from Nacho_GatewayIphone to Nacho_Gateway_Iphone.

Make the necessary adjustments to your folder structure and class names.

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and would you please describe how exactly module name is connected to the router? –  Slayer Birden Sep 28 '12 at 6:44

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