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Using javascript -- I need to pull out and examine the number that appears just before the "jpg" file extension, in this case "300".

var filename = 2012_honda_odyssey_passenger-minivan_ex_s_oem_2_300.jpg

What's the best way to pull this number out -- I can alway assume it will be between the last "_" in the string and this final "." before the file extension.

I'm guessing that I need to do something with regex. Like this ....

var num = parseInt(filename.match(/some-regex-here/), 10);


I did come up with this ... but it seemed very kludgy.

var filename = "2012_honda_odyssey_passenger-minivan_ex_s_oem_2_300.jpg";
var num = parseInt(filename.split('_').splice(-1,1).toString().split(".").splice(0,1).toString(), 10);
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See me answer to this question. It's pretty much the same thing. – Martin Büttner Sep 28 '12 at 5:35
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I feel a regex is overkill for something this simple, I would just use this:

var start = filename.lastIndexOf('_') + 1; 
var end = filename.lastIndexOf('.');
var num = parseInt(filename.substring(start, end), 10);
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var filename = "2012_honda_odyssey_passenger-minivan_ex_s_oem_2_300.jpg";
var regex = /^.*_(\d+)\.jpg?$/;
var match = regex.exec(filename);
var number = Number(match[1]);

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A regular expression such as this: _(\d+)\..+?$ should allow you to match and extract the number to a group. The regex above should match an underscore (_) followed by one ore more digits (\d+), followed by a period (\.) which in turn is followed by some letters (.+?) and finally the end of the string ($).

You can then refer to this previous SO question to see how you can later access these groups.

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var num=parseInt(filename.replace(/^.*?([0-9]+).jpg$/i,"$1"),10);
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Avoiding regexes is usually best, unless you're doing complex string pattern matching is usually. Something like will get what you want:

var num = +filename.substring(
  filename.lastIndexOf('_') + 1,
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try this:

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